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Internal tests show effectiveness of Quality-of-Service management

Clearfly’s focus on Quality of Service (QoS) management is designed to ensure the consistent level of reliability and voice quality that our business customers expect.

Below is a demonstration on how our QoS policies affect the perceived quality of our ClearPhone® product, based on tests recently conducted in our engineering lab.

The first graphic shows the MOS (Mean Opinion Score) for each of 10 calls being carried over a T1 along with some other typical data. A "perfect" perfect score is about 4.30-4.37. As you can see these calls are all over the chart. Calls would have echo, cutouts, and would be unacceptable. The average MOS is 2.80!

The second graphic shows the same 10 calls. This time however they have been prioritized above the other data. As you can see all 10 calls are scoring a "perfect" 4.35. These calls would be rated as outstanding and would sound as good or better than a standard landline call.

Mauro Calvi - December 05, 2007