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Interacting with Support via Web

Update: This blog entry is now out-of-date and the highlighted words below denote links that have been removed. All support tickets should be opened via the Clearfly Portal.

One of new features we at Clearfly are proud to announce is our web-based New Ticket and Report a Call Example pages. Previously you may have initiated a support issue via email or via called into our support center, but let me try and explain to you why creating through the website is better for everyone.

Creating a New Ticket

In the past the best way to create a new ticket with Clearfly was to call our support center or send us an email. While these will always be valid options for reporting issues, each option is limited in that they require someone to: 1) be available to answer your phone call, or 2) to pick your email out of the thousands sent to us on a daily basis. By creating your ticket through our new web-based form you instantly receive a ticket number and someone from our staff is immediately alerted to begin working on your problem or formulating an answer to your question.

Reporting a call example

Imagine that you are sitting at your desk and the phone rings. You pick up the phone and all you hear is a loud buzzing sound. A minute later your phone rings again — it’s one of your clients and as they speak the sound quality is crystal clear. They tell you, however, that they just called, but were unable to hear you speaking. Obviously this is a problem, so you call Clearfly so that we can get the bottom of the issue to keep it from occurring again in the future.

Call quality is of the utmost importance to us at Clearfly so we want to track down this issue with the carriers involved and fix it once and for all. However, since there are two calls so close together we need to make sure that we are trying to fix the call which was having issues and not the trouble-free, crystal clear call. Since Clearfly handles hundreds of thousands of calls per hour, trying to locate that call of yours which was having trouble can be difficult, if not impossible, without some clues to help us locate it. This is where call examples come in.

To help us locate a call we generally ask for the following information:

  • Ticket Number (if already assigned)

  • Date of Call

  • Time of Call

  • Calling Number

  • Called Number

  • Symptom

  • Any other information which may help to locate or understand what issues occurred.

We understand that you may not always have all of this information, but the more you can provide, the better.

Reporting your call through our new web page updates your existing support ticket automatically so that our engineers are immediately presented with your information in a format that allows them to efficiently work towards solving your particular problem.

Cody Lerum - July 11, 2012