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Introducing International Calling Tiers

Clearfly is pleased to announce that customers now have more control over which international calling destinations they want to allow calling to. This feature was implemented to augment our International Fraud Mitigation program and will help to reduce the financial exposure of customers as a result of international call fraud. The idea is to limit the customer’s ability to place calls to common call fraud targets, thus making then less attractive targets for would-be abusers.

International destinations now have a Tier level of 0, 1 or 2 assigned to them, based upon the frequency the number is legitimately dialed and the cost-per-minute of the call. Customers and partners can view the tier that has been assigned to each international destination here.

All new and existing customers have been configured to allow only calls to the lowest tier (Tier 0) destinations. This tier covers 85% of all International destinations while blocking destinations that may the customer’s system an attractive target for international call fraud.

If you’d like more information regarding Clearfly’s new International Calling Tiers, an in-depth discussion about this new feature is available in our Knowledge Base.

Cody Lerum - May 02, 2014