Clearfly Communications enhances the power of ClearPhone with fax-to-email feature

Billings, MT - October 20th, 2008

ClearPhone, Clearfly’s flagship integrated communications product, will now incorporate a free fax-to-email account. Customers can now opt to have all incoming faxes delivered to a specific email address as PDF files, instead of received on a fax machine. This great new feature allows a business to:

Increase Productivity

  • No more trips to the fax machine

  • No more missed or lost faxes due to out-of-paper or out-of-order fax machines

  • Faster delivery of faxes to the end recipient. No more faxes sitting at the machine for hours

  • Employees can receive faxes wherever they are: at home or on the road.

  • Electronic record keeping of incoming faxes as email messages

Increase confidentiality

No more employees having to sift through other people’s faxes and being exposed to confidential info, such as HR records, confidential projects etc

Lower operating costs

Save on fax machine supplies, maintenance, power.

The complimentary fax-to-email account can be assigned to one or more administrative functions within the office, most likely the same people that today are in charge of checking the fax machine periodically and distributing faxes to the intended recipients.

These administrative functions can either print the faxes and hand-deliver them (typically for employees that do not have an email address) or forward them to the appropriate email addresses. Since it uses the universally supported PDF standard, no dedicated viewer is required. (Most computers today already have a PDF viewer installed.

Additional accounts can be ordered from Clearfly and provided to other employees. Outgoing faxes can continue to be sent from through the fax machine, or, if the customer has access to a scanner, can be sent as email messages to a Clearfly, which will automatically convert them to the proper fax format and deliver them to a specific fax number.

Call Clearfly at (866) 652 7520 or send Clearfly and email for additional information about our new fax-to-email product