All Phase and Clearfly announce partnership to bring unified communications to the greater Seattle area

Seattle, WA - October 23, 2009

Clearfly Communications,, an infrastructure-based provider of integrated communications solutions for the small and medium business community, and All Phase Communications Inc,, a leading Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) expert and preferred partner of VoIP technology companies including Adtran, ShoreTel and Toshiba, have announced they have joined forces to bring the cost benefits and convenience of unified communications to small-medium businesses in the Puget Sound.

The partnership brings to the region Clearfly’s successful channel-based approach to reaching SMB customers. “Unlike carriers who pursue a hybrid direct-indirect marketing model, Clearfly has chosen to rely entirely on its partners for sales and installation”, said Chris Hunter, Chief Marketing Officer of Clearly Communications. “This eliminates any potential for conflicts between the service provider and the equipment reseller and network consultant. It’s a perfect symbiosis”

bq. “We have liked Clearfly’s focus on quality of service and reliability from day one”, said Iain Beveridge, Vice President of All Phase Communications. “After seeing so many businesses out there learn a painful lesson by experimenting with voice over the open Internet solutions, we wanted to make sure that our communications partner has the infrastructure and expertise to manage a dedicated IP network end-to-end, thereby guaranteeing the quality of service that business voice needs. Clearfly is that partner”

Clearfly’s services come in flat-rate data and voice packages with unlimited domestic long distance, and are specifically designed for the needs of companies with 5 to 500 employees. The services feature all the reliability and quality of traditional voice, bundled with the performance and functionality of dedicated high-speed Internet access. A map of Clearfly’s new market coverage is available on, together with a query to check for service availability at a specific location.

About Clearfly Communications

Clearfly Communications is a voice services and broadband provider serving the Western US region with a primary focus on solutions for small and medium size business. At the core of Clearfly’s value proposition is a suite of bundled services comprising scaleable wire-line broadband (at speeds of T-1 multiples) and a traditional business phone line replacement service.

About All Phase Communications

Founded in 1986, All Phase Communications is a customer-service oriented telecommunications company with more than 20 years experience in the industry. All Phase is a preferred installation provider with leading VoIP technology partners including ShoreTel, Adtran, and Toshiba. As the name suggests, All Phase handles all phases of VoIP installation including network assessment, system design, project management, system implementation, training, and system maintenance. The City of Bellingham, the City of Shoreline, Cutter & Buck, Pike Place Market, Keller Rohrback, and Gene Juarez have relied on All Phase for their VoIP expertise to gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace by reducing operating costs, streamlining customer service, and improving productivity. Visit us on the web: