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It doesn't have to be so complicated!

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Someday we will look back at the way we handle our business communications today and wonder how we did it, in very much the same way we now wonder how people could work and live without email. Many of us have a desktop phone in the office and carry around a cell phone. Most of us still we have two phone numbers (without counting fax), and two voicemail boxes, which means multiple passwords and keystrokes to remember and, even worse, often causes us to miss a few important calls.

While larger companies are aggressively embracing the inevitable convergence of communications services, the vast majority of small and medium businesses in the US still have separate voice, data and cellular service providers. The result? High service costs, administrative complexity and low user productivity.

Clearfly is about to change all this! Stay tuned for more information.

Mauro Calvi - June 24, 2007