Why Clearfly

A Commitment To Customers

Our partners and customers come first. We care about your business and consider your success to be our success. We provide exceptional services, support and training and we’re obsessed with continued development of new technologies that make the Clearfly experience even stronger.

Our flexible SIP trunking solutions deliver big savings over traditional voice services, and our financial relationship with partners is tough for competitors to match.

If that isn’t enough, we created the Clearfly Portal for you to monitor, manage and understand everything about your account.

Commitment To Customers

More Than a Dial Tone

We give our partners and customers the tools to succeed, to control what they want to control. We’re easy to work with. We listen. We are responsive. Did we say we care? You’ll develop a high level of trust in us and receive high value from all our services. You can call us at any time and speak to a real person poised to help you.

We Care About Every Customer

We’re an employee-owned company, and all our owners are committed to the thousands of customers and partners across the nation who place their trust in Clearfly. We care deeply about the daily experience we provide all users who rely on our world-class services and support. We appreciate their trust in us – and their kind words about our relationship.

Our Customers

We switched to Clearfly services and everything worked. It’s that simple. The sound quality is better than expected, and the functions of the phones haven’t changed one bit. We’re communicating as much as we ever were, and we have more bandwidth than we did before, and we’re paying less than we did before. This one was a no-brainer.

Steven Bentley, CFO, Avitus Group

Like many companies of our size, we were using a combination of different providers for our data and voice services. We have switched to Clearfly at all four of our statewide locations. We have found the ClearPhone integrated product to be not only very reliable, but the quality of the voice service is remarkable, and with the elimination of long-distance we couldn’t be happier.

Jeff Butcher, President, Selby’s

We are extremely pleased with Clearfly. We have been looking for a reliable data and voice network to connect our 45 stores in Idaho, Washington, Wyoming and Montana. We needed a solution that would both reduce the management burden for our I.T. personnel and save the company money. Clearfly has succeeded on both fronts. They have consistently delivered impeccable service with the highest degree of reliability.

Thomas A. Neujahr, Information Systems Director, Tire-Rama

Our Partners

We’ve used several SIP trunk providers over the years and have discovered the value of Clearfly. With quick support and reliable service combined with an eagerness to please our mutual customers, Clearfly has become a great solution for our customers.

Greg Wilkoff, President, Adept Networks

There is only one SIP trunk provider that we use and resell to our clients – that’s Clearfly, and the reason is they are the best in the industry. In my 30-plus years, no carrier has come close to the product, service and support that Clearfly delivers. Their technical abilities and ISP problem resolution are unmatched. When you’re digging in to try and locate an issue with an ISP or upstream provisioning, these are the guys you want in the trenches with you. Oh, and what carrier have you ever had give you training seminars to bring your technical staff up to speed on SIP technologies and proper troubleshooting methods? As I said before, Clearfly is the best.

Allan Clack, CEO, Cascade Tel., Inc.

Midwest Communications, Inc., is a Denver-based company installing and servicing business telephone systems for 30+ years. We went through multiple SIP providers and encountered multiple headaches. Enter Clearfly. Clearfly really gave us the confidence to make the transition to SIP trunks on our telephone systems and we could not be happier with the process from start to finish. They have great, accessible support, easy integration with all of the telephone systems we install, and an easy-to-use portal that gives us another way to better support our customers.

Craig Davis, Owner, Midwest Communications, Inc.

Clearfly has been one of the best partners I have. We’re saving customers money on phone service. The support we get is great. Clearfly is extremely responsive. They make it easy to do business with them. They always treated us like family. We value their partnership. They care about what we do. They go above and beyond. I can’t say enough about Clearfly. We feel like we’re part of the team.

Andy Schneider, CEO, Teletronics Information Systems, Inc.

Clearfly’s pricing is simple and straightforward and their support helps us win more deals. When it comes to porting and implementation, their process is very smooth. Overall, our experience has been very positive and I would recommend them to anyone!

Ken Seningen, Owner, One Source Communications