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Clearfly Training Series Underway

Selling, provisioning, installing and supporting SIP services can prove daunting for the uninitiated, and even a person familiar with one carrier’s practices may have trouble adapting to another carrier’s processes and procedures. Recognizing this fact, and with input from our partners, Clearfly Communications is pleased to announce a series of training events geared towards making the transition to Clearfly as smooth as possible. With topics ranging from pre-sales best practices to post-implementation troubleshooting, each hour-long webinar is designed to help make your Clearfly experience as successful as possible.

Whether you’re in sales, provisioning or technical support, we have a course for you. The current schedule is available here. We’re planning on maintaining an aggressive schedule and evolving the courses as feedback and demand dictate, so keep checking back for fresh listings.

We’ll see you in class!

Ken Mix - February 18, 2014