Order Stages From Start to Finish

An order in the telecommunications world is a highly coordinated process which can involve multiple parties and resources. Detailed below are the stages an order will progress thru from beginning to end. These stages help to ensure that every party involved knows what the current status is and resources are delivered on time.

Stage Description
Normal Stages

Order has not been submitted to Clearfly for processing. More

This Order has not been submitted. Clearfly will perform no action on this order until it is submitted.


Clearfly has received the order. More

This Order has been submitted and Clearfly will review and respond within two business days.


Clearfly has validated the order and the order has started the provisioning process. More

This Order has been validated and submitted to to underlying or losing carriers as necessary.

The next step will be either be a Firm Order Commit (FOC) or an exception if an error with the order is found.

Firm Order Commit (FOC) Clearfly has confirmed the order will complete on the specified date and time.
Complete The order has successfully completed.
Exception Stages
Supplemented A change to the order has been requested, e.g. a change to the requested due date and time.
Jeopardy The requested due date and time is at risk of being missed.
Error There is a problem with a submitted order that requires correction before the order can complete.
Rejected There is a critical issue with the order that won't allow it to be submitted.